The Heart of Garlington Center

David Eubanks

From its early beginnings as a community mental health clinic in the 1980s, neighbors have relied on Garlington Center as a place to get help for loved ones experiencing mental health and addictions challenges.

“The heart of the Garlington Center is respecting diversity,” said Kalindi Kapadia, Clinical Director of Garlington Center.

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Summer Dance and Music Camps

Guitar KidsSummer Camps: What Superheroes, Princesses, and Rock Stars All Have in Common.

Stories have the power to CHANGE us. They make us laugh, make us cry, make us yearn for excitement and adventure… We love stories because we resonate with the characters: with their hopes, dreams, failures and struggles. Stories empower us. Stories inspire us. Stories give us permission to live life DIFFERENTLY.

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Eliot Spring Clean-Up 2016

Clean Up 2015It’s time for the annual Eliot Spring Clean-Up!

On Sunday, May 22nd from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm clean out your closets, unclutter your garage, organize your book shelves and recycle your outdated and broken electronics. Also bring us your used furniture, clothes, household items and old bicycles. This is the one Eliot Neighborhood Association fundraiser of the year so give generously.

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Trash Talk

Trash along a fence

What if I were to tell you that for less than one minute a week you could help your community, feathered friends, and the environment all while adding to your good karma. Too good to be true you say, but I assure you, it is more than possible to do. The only caveat (I know, there always is one, right?) is that we need our entire community on board.

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