Street Car Routes

The city has undertaken a comprehensive look at potential new streetcar routes.  This process is a first step to identify possible routes potentially as a way to begin a longer term planning effort to designate preferred routes and plans to expand the system.  Two routes through Eliot were identified, the Williams/Vancouver couplet and MLK.

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Interstate Development Plan

Development along the Interstate Max line has not met expectations thus far, so the City asked Planning staff to look at the current zoning to stimulate it.  Staff held an open house in the fall to provide a first look to area residents.  Gary [ENA Chair] and I both attended separately.  However, we both came away with the same impression, namely there was not a lot of support for the proposal.

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Gazebo Renovation

gazeboelevationThe landmark Gazebo in Eliot’s Dawson Park is to be renovated starting this month with completion expected before summer. During renovation the dome will be removed, and restored.  When finished the Gazebo will better serve the Neighborhood. Renovation of the gazebo is scheduled to begin late-February and is expected to be complete in May 2008.

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Title Wave: Out Of Circulation, Though Not For Long

Every morning, Sundays excepted, a man and his dog stand outside of the pretty Spanish Renaissance Revival building at 216 NE Knott, waiting for the doors to open at 10:00. Originally a library designed by Ellis Lawrence in 1912, it now houses Title Wave, one of the most unique bookshops in Portland, where the videos, DVDs, music CDs and books retired from the Multnomah County Library (MCL) system are sold.

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Walling Building Bites the Dust

Walling Building - 1930s
Walling Building - 1930s

Eliot lost a historic building in October 2007, but to the relief of some residents as it had been an eyesore in recent years. The two story wood framed structure was at 2240-2248 NE MLK on the corner of NE Sacramento. Over the last 50 years, it suffered insensitive alterations and neglect. In its last years, structural problems became more apparent as the elements took a toll on the exterior. It was the last of several turreted Victorian structures that formerly lined a busy Union Avenue (MLK today) during the 1890s. Under the present ownership, a future new mixed use building is planned for the site since it is a prime location for retail development.

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