Hollywood takes Portland by Storm

Lights, Camera, Put a Bird on It

By Annie Rudwick

Growing up in Northbrook, Illinois, the hometown of director John Hughes, I was lucky enough to have “Save Ferris” painted on my water tower and iconic films “Sixteen Candles,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and “The Breakfast Club” filmed in my town and at my high school. As a kid, it was my claim to fame, and as an adult, not much has changed. It is the best and easiest way to define my hometown.

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Concert Donations Needed!

The Eliot Neighborhood Concert Committee has been hard at work gathering sponsors and creating a fantastic lineup of music for our annual Dawson Park Concert Series and movie night. We are in need of some help however. A couple of our larger sponsors from past years are unable to give this year, so we are still in need of donations and sponsorship.

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Food Cart: Que Sabrosa

By Jackie Sandquist

Que Sabrosa
Que Sabrosa Food Cart

Que Sabrosa – La Cocina Mexicana is a food cart on the corner of N Fremont and N Vancouver and offers delicious hearty Mexican food for a great price. Que Sabrosa has been in this location for three years but has recently moved to the prime spot on this food cart corner, housed in a new sleek apple red trailer. The sign says “Authentic Mexican food.” I stood out in the crowd on the newly built plywood porch as the only non-Spanish speaker. While I placed my order, two women delivered ingredients and sang along to the Mexican ballads coming from the radio. The owner Yulissa loves to cook and uses the recipes handed down from her grandmother.

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We want your house (for very little)

As the folksingers say, “To every thing, there is a season.” In Eliot at least, when times are hard and real estate prices are down, it is time for the flippers to emerge from their holes.

“We want to buy your house,” proclaim the signs on telephone poles. So do letters from Phoenix Homes, Metro Homes Northwest, and many others. They promise “cash, in any condition, no real estate fees.”

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Schuyler = Mississippi?

Trade Bindery Building
Trade Bindery Building

What do Pine State Biscuits, Sizzle Pie Pizza, the Community Cycling Center, and Reverend Nat’s Cider have in common? All are expected to be new tenants in the re-purposed Trade Bindery building on NE Schuyler between NE 1st and 2nd. In fact, the Community Cycling Center moved their administrative office around the first of March (their storefront on Alberta is unaffected).

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What Kind of Bird is That?

Norther Flicker
Northern Flicker

Eliot’s proximity to the river, the Fremont Bridge, and the established trees in our yards and nearby parks makes it one of the better eastside habitats for birds and bird watching. This includes Cooper’s Hawks that periodically visit (and nest) in Irving Park, Peregrine Falcons that nest in the Fremont Bridge, and Red Tailed Hawks that try to take backyard chickens. I have been visited by Great Blue Herons eating fish out of my, now empty, pond.

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Update on the Rayworth House

Rayworth House 2005
The Edwin Rayworth House (2005)

In October 2012, developer Andre Kashuba purchased the Historic Rayworth House property located at 3605 N Albina in the nearby Boise neighborhood. He immediately filed plans with the city to demolish the existing 1890 single-family house and construct two attached larger homes on the lot. Around November, the city granted approval with a new proposed lot line splitting the property down the middle. In recent years, it has been a primary goal to encourage increased population density in close-in neighborhoods. Even though the Rayworth House is in the middle of a block of single-family homes between N Fremont and N Beech, most of the area is zoned for two families per lot, which explains the short of approval time by the city.

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