Dawson Park Summer Events 2015

It’s summertime and that means another great season of entertainment at Dawson Park is upon us.  Thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors and individual donators, we raised enough money to host 4 concerts and one movie night!  These events are Free To The Public and are a great way to spend an evening out in the neighborhood.  Concerts start at 6:30pm and there will be a few food vendors on site including My Mamma’s Gumbo, Island Daydream Shaved Ice, and Nia Water Beverage Catering.  During movie night, live performances by local musicians and free popcorn begin at 6:30pm and the movie starts at dusk.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-06-15


6:30 Meeting Begins

Opening question:

Affordable Housing—Is it important? If so, how do we make it happen?

  • City needs to create incentives/rewards for developers who place a certain amount of low-income rentals in each of their buildings.
  • Rent control–freezing rents to prevent dramatic increases.
  • Increasing the amount of housing so the demand is met.
  • Show people that owning a home is not only viable to them but it is a great investment for their future.

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Know your board: Kristen Yates

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Kristin Yates
Kristin Yates

Kristen Yates grew up in Hood River and moved to Portland eight years ago. Her favorite place in Eliot is the Lillis-Albina Park because she thinks it is beautiful to look at the city from the Eastern vantage point. Yates has been on the board for the past 4 and a half years and has held the position of Recorder since 2012. She diligently writes up the minutes from each board meeting so that neighbors can read them on our website, eliotneighborhood.org, and keep all residents informed of what’s happening in the neighborhood.

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26 Cafe: A Celebration of Portland History

Naomi Diallo from Twenty Six Cafe
Naomi Diallo from Twenty Six Cafe

A childhood portrait of Ed Wampler, who once owned a restaurant supply company in NW Portland, overlooks the counter of his granddaughter’s elegant neighborhood cafe. Naomi Diallo learned the restaurant business from him and from her father, Roger Wampler, who owns Ron’s Restaurant on SE 82nd Ave, but it was three months spent in Italy that inspired her to open a European-style cafe, serving coffee, beer, wine, and pastries.

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Know your board: Becca Pollard

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Becca Pollard
Becca Pollard

Becca Pollard moved from Columbus, Ohio to Portland in 2004 and has lived in Eliot for a year.  She loves that Eliot is in close proximity to so many things and is so bike and pedestrian friendly making it pretty comfortable to live here without a car.  In her free time she likes to see live music, have drinks with friends or get out of the city and go hiking or camping.  Pollard is a Brand Ambassador for the Curb app and also does freelance social media and videography.  She also runs an online vintage shop, Helen May Vintage, with her aunt.

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Water Your New Trees!

Help Me Grow
Help Me Grow!

Did you plant new trees this past fall or spring?  Good job! Now, make sure they get watered.  As you have probably noticed it has been an unusually dry spring.  It has been great for people and outdoor activities, however not so great for thirsty young trees.  Trees that were planted recently need water and Mother Nature is just not helping this year.

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Know your board: Jeri Bee

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Jeri Stein "Bee"
Jeri Stein “Bee”

Jeri Stein “Bee” has lived in Portland since 2001 but has been an Eliot resident for the last six years.  She loves the people who live in Eliot, the access to public transportation, downtown and parks but mostly the many newly formed friendships.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-05-18


6:30 Welcome and opening question

How do we recruit board members?

  • Get kids volunteering—get them interested and feeling ownership for their neighborhood.
  • Representing—being present at ongoing neighborhood events.
  • Dawson Park Apartments is a great place to start.  Many of the people who live there have lived in the neighborhood a long time.

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Know your board: Jim Hlava

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Jim Hlava
Jim Hlava

Jim Hlava, a Portland resident for the last 32 years, has lived in the Hollywood District for 25 years. His connection to the Eliot neighborhood is through his employment as a social worker with Cascadia Behavioral HealthCare, Inc .  Cascadia owns the building at 3034 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, which is the home of the Garlington Center, which is one of three of their outpatient mental health and addiction treatment programs in Multnomah County.  He has worked for Cascadia for 28 years and currently is the VP of Housing.

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