Growing Food and Community

Eliot is home to two cooperative gardens offering opportunities to learn how to grow amazing produce, meet wonderful neighbors, reap the benefits of the harvest, as well as give back to your neighbors in need. Unlike community gardens, where everyone has separate plots which are rented for a fee and planted, tended and harvested by the individual gardener, in cooperative gardens members make decisions, work, plant and harvest together.

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Repainting the Street this Spring

This spring, Eliot neighbors will once again gather to refresh the landmark intersection painting.

“Eliot Community Crossing” is at the corner of NE Rodney Avenue and NE Tillamook Street.  It will be an experience you will not want miss, filled with painting, eating, music, and fun for the whole family.   Join us and invite your friends and family to share in this memorable and unique Portland experience.

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Micro Apartments to Replace House

3116 N Vancouver will soon be demolished.
3116 N Vancouver will soon be demolished.

As required by the Portland Zoning Code,  Architect Rich Brooks, CIDA and developer Ben McInnis, BENCO initiated contact with the Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee and presented their plans to build a 5-story micro unit apartment building at 3116 N. Vancouver Ave.  The building with a footprint of 36’x44’ will have eighteen 250 sq ft micro apartments expected to rent at between $866 – $898/ unit.

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Vacant Land

A letter from the Land Use Chair…

Vacant Land at Williams and Russell
Vacant Land at Williams and Russell

Vacant land in Eliot has been one of my biggest annoyances since moving here in 2008.  I realize many of you have lived here longer than I have and some of you have even gotten permission to use the vacant land that you experience around you every day.  However some of the bigger pieces really leave holes in the urban fabric that surrounds us.  Some of the vacant land is used for parking, but at its worst some of our land is used for nothing at all.

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Fall Community Conversations

Open House Welcome! © Sean O'Connor / Our United Villages
Open House Welcome! © Sean O’Connor / Our United Villages

In October 2014 Eliot Neighborhood Association reached out to everyone living or working in the neighborhood for three Community Conversations around the past, present and future of Eliot neighborhood. For the first Conversation on October 8th an array of photos, maps, and open ended questions were set up at the St Philip the Deacon Church on 120 NE Knott St. Folks had a great time meeting neighbors, chatting and discussing the neighborhood.

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Demand Redesign at City Council

Demand Redesign supporters at City Council
Demand Redesign supporters at City Council

Two representatives from the steering committee of Demand Redesign, Susan Stringer and Montse Shepherd, presented a statement to city council on Wednesday, January 28th regarding the development by Dan Neal of Paradigm Properties at NE 7th Avenue and NE Russell Street.

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