The Pocket Pub

The Pocket Pub
The Pocket Pub

It started as a conversation between friends and ended as the fulfillment of a dream  that the residents of Eliot and Irvington get to benefit from.

Kara Lammerman and Jennifer Cale  have been friends for over 15 years and have pooled their energy and enthusiasm to create the warm, inviting Pocket Pub that offers a reasonably priced menu and a creative list of cocktails in a great place to sit and catch up with old friends and also get to know new neighbors.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-03-21


Meeting begins at 6:35 with introductions

Board Members Present: Angela Kremer, Jere Fitterman, Jeri Stein, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Joe Entler, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Saint Hood, Janice Camfield, Anne Sanderson (running for Commissioner Fritz’s position on City Council), Grey Byrd, Nicholas Starkin, Shireen Hasan, Allan Rudwick, Jody Guth, Paul…(not sure about last name)

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Eliot School Then and Now

Eliot School c1951

Eliot School corner of Knott and Rodney c 1951. Portland Archives A2001-030
Eliot School corner of Knott and Rodney c 1951. Portland Archives A2001-030

The Eliot School, named after Thomas Lamb Eliot,  was built in 1909 on NE Knott at the corner with Rodney.  In the late 1940’s or early 50’s the school’s teachers and students were relocated. Portland Parks took over the building in the early 1950’s and it became the Knott Street Community Center.

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Reverend Nat’s Cidery

Rev Nats EntranceReverend Nat West (yes, he really is a Reverend) started his Hard Cider journey from a  friend’s apple trees with lots of extra apples. What started with 5 gallons of hard cider in his garage has turned into using 200 million of apples per year to create over 20,000 gallon of cider in inventory in a warehouse turned cidery in the Eliot neighborhood.

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Bringing the World to Your Home

Kaplan International Students
Kaplan International Students

Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures can be a rewarding experience, but for many of us the constraints of time or money (or both!) can get in the way.  Portland’s Kaplan International School (KI) offers the next best thing with their homestay program; a chance for Portland residents to meet new people and learn about cultures from all over the world.  Kelly, a host mother since 2011, had this to say:

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Board Meeting Minutes 2016-02-15

minutesMeetings begins at 6:35

Board Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jere Fitterman, Joan Ivan, Johnny Engleheart-Noel, Kristin Yates, Ronnie Blocker, Sue Stringer

Visitors: Roberta Phillip-Robbins, Ann Kasper, Adam Lyons, Dana Nerenberg

Angela moves that we accept January’s minutes; Sue seconds; all in favor

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Are You and Your Neighbors Prepared?

NET volunteer teaching neighbors about emergency preparedness
NET volunteer teaching neighbors about emergency preparedness

In the event of a citywide or regional emergency such as a severe winter storm, flood or major earthquake, households need to be prepared to be on their own for at least a week. Neighborhoods need to be prepared for self-sufficiency, too. Volunteer neighborhood rescuers will likely be first on-the-scene when firefighters and police are slowed by impassable streets or overwhelmed by calls for help.

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