Board Meeting Minutes 2015-09-21


Board Members Present:  Annie Rudwick, Susan Stringer, Jerri Stein, Joan Ivan, Clint Lundmark, Jim Hlava

Others Attending: Clarissa, Jenna & Kim from Faubian School, Amy Lewin & Kalindi Kapadia from Cascadia Behavioral HealthCare, Ronnie Blocker, Jeff Ramsey, Matt Morrisey


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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-06-15


6:30 Meeting Begins

Opening question:

Affordable Housing—Is it important? If so, how do we make it happen?

  • City needs to create incentives/rewards for developers who place a certain amount of low-income rentals in each of their buildings.
  • Rent control–freezing rents to prevent dramatic increases.
  • Increasing the amount of housing so the demand is met.
  • Show people that owning a home is not only viable to them but it is a great investment for their future.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-05-18


6:30 Welcome and opening question

How do we recruit board members?

  • Get kids volunteering—get them interested and feeling ownership for their neighborhood.
  • Representing—being present at ongoing neighborhood events.
  • Dawson Park Apartments is a great place to start.  Many of the people who live there have lived in the neighborhood a long time.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2015-1-14

6:30 Board Meeting Begins

Kristin read the minutes and Joe Entler moves to have the minutes approved

All in favor none opposed

Office of Neighborhood Involvement—Mary Tompkins

Crime Prevention Coordinator for Eliot—–

Some concerns within Eliot would be:

  • Bike incidents
  • Squatters in abandoned buildings
  • Gang concerns in and around the neighborhood especially with the shooting that occurred at Rosemary Anderson.
  • Gang Task Force and ONI have created the “Enough is Enough” Program which will hopefully help deal with getting rid of the snitch code.
  • Call Rosemary Anderson if you would like to help volunteer there.
  • Remember you can always file a police report online or call the non-emergency number.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2014-12-8

6:40 Welcome and Potluck—What are you thankful for this year?

Minutes are read and approved

The Board Officer positions for Vice Chair and Newspaper Editor still need to be filled.  The Vice Chair would probably be responsible for running  two meetings during the year and help find people who would present interesting topics and pressing issues to the Eliot Neighborhood Association.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2014-11-10

6:30 Welcome and Introduction of Attendees

Minutes read and approved

NECN Update—Joan Ivan

Joan spoke about the restructuring of NECN.  They are the representative of so many people in so many different neighborhoods who want very different things and deciding what they want to accomplish is important.  Meetings have become more divisive than healthy lately, especially with all the major the changes the NECN neighborhoods are experiencing.

Joe Entler moves that Paul Van Orden is our second Eliot Representative to NECN (Joan Ivan is the other and we are permitted two).

Joan Ivan seconds

All in Favor—motion passes unanimously

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General Membership Meeting Minutes 2014-10-13

6:35 Meeting Begins


  • Free flu shots for everyone 7:00am –11:00am on Veterans Day at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.
  • Jim Hlava spoke about the Eliot Open House.  Really great time, about 65 people attended and it was a get to know you meeting.
  • Christopher’s Grill will become a community resource center. Visit this website to donate and find out more!

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