Larrabee and Albina Then and Now

The Albina Building 1927

The Albina Building, Larrabee and Albina, 1927.  Portland Archives A2009-009.2471.
The Albina Building, Larrabee and Albina, 1927. Portland Archives A2009-009.2471.

This building on the corner of Larrabee (Interstate) and Albina was originally built as a hotel in the late 1890’s or early 1900’s.  The building looks like it was a triangle, however it was actually shaped like a “V”.  At the top of the building, over the corner entrance, are the words “The Albina”.  It appears there is additional text above in the shadows, but it is unreadable – or perhaps it is ornamentation.  In 1929, The Albina was home to the “Ideal Cafeteria” and the “Baxter Apartments”.

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Union and Knott Then and Now

Union (MLK) and Knott 1929

Union and Knott 1929
Union and Knott 1929. Portland Archives A2009-009.1053.

These twin houses on the corner of Union and Knott were built in 1900.  By 1929 Union had already become a busy street and the houses had started the transition from residential to commercial.  “Dr Muck Dentist” occupied the second floor of the house on the corner.  Over the course of his dental career Dr Earl C Muck had his office in different nearby locations on Union.

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Comp Plan Comment Period Extended

Map App
Comprehensive Plan Map App

The Portland Comprehensive Plan is a long range 20 year plan for land use and infrastructure in the city.  The plan is currently undergoing an update as mandated by the state of Oregon.  Last fall, the deadline was extended for input so you still have time to submit written comment on the plan until March 13th 2015.  The easiest way to comment is using the Map App.

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Williams Reaches Substantial Completion

Williams Safety ProjectJust before the ball dropped to celebrate the new year, Portland Bureau of Transportation announced that the “N Williams Safety Project reached substantial completion”.  One of the major tasks completed in December was installing the permanent light at Cook.  There is still some minor work to do on Williams and the Rodney Bikeway portion has yet to begun.  It is nice for travelers along the corridor, whether in a car, on a bike or on foot, to see construction wind down and to take advantage of the improvements.

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Award Winning Park

Back in July Dawson Park opened for the first time after it was closed in October 2013 for a $2.7 million makeover.  After 10 months of construction, on July 9th, the park was revealed to the neighborhood at a community concert featuring Karen Lovely. The renovations include modifications to the gazebo to make it more accessible and usable for concerts, a new walkway around the park, a new entry on Williams, a new water feature complete with historic interpretive boulders, a much improved playground area and more.

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Website Change

SiteThumbOver the next few days you may notice some changes to as we kick the tires on a new “Look and Feel” of the site. Don’t worry, the great content you have come to love will still be here, and for the most part will be in the same place.  Can’t find something? Have a thought on the design?  Feel free to comment!

Momentum Builds to Stop the Demolition

Stop the Demolition Sign

All around Portland signs are showing up in front yards with the purpose of stopping the demolition of Portland homes.  With the upturn in the economy developers are in full swing looking for any opportunity they can to tear down a house and build something new.  Now is the time for residents to act to save our historic homes.

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Upcoming Changes on Williams and Rodney

Williams Ave
Williams Ave before change to 1 lane

On Monday, the transformation of Williams will begin as construction starts on the North Williams Safety Project. There are a lot of changes, but the biggest on Williams is that most of it will be one lane and the bike path is moving to the left side. Rodney will also see the addition of speed bumps and a diagonal traffic diverter at Ivy.

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Petition for Redesign at 7th and Russell

Proposed development 7th and Russell
Proposed development 7th and Russell

At the July Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting Paradigm Properties, along with a designer, architects and a lawyer presented plans for a 8 story building on the corner of 7th and Russell. The packed room, filled with residents from both Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods, universally agreed the building is way too tall and large for that location.  Impacted residents have started a petition.

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Keep the Neighborhood Clean

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

In April or May, Eliot Neighborhood hosts the annual “Spring Cleanup”. It’s an event where residents bring junk and other trash-worthy stuff to a central location and drop it off for a small fee. The idea is to make it easier for residents to clean up around their house and property. It is effective at helping people keep their part of the neighborhood clean, but it doesn’t really clean up the neighborhood. You can help by making cleanup a part of your daily routine.

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Wireworms – Bad for Your Garden

Wireworms are BAD for your garden.
Wireworms are BAD for your garden.

You have probably heard “The Joy of Gardening” in radio and TV commercials for a local department store or seen the book by the same name.  Sometimes, I question that joy! I tell myself “gardening IS fun and rewarding.” However there is also that constant war of you versus what seems like everything else trying to destroy your garden.  Between the dog digging, the chickens scratching, aphids eating, squirrels burying, and mother nature’s unpredictable weather there are challenges.  A few years ago I discovered yet another big enemy – the wireworm.

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